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Tiffany setup her little biz to save money for her dental bill for next year!
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Through failed law suit and evil dentists, Tiffany has met an awesome dentist here in the Clearwater Florida area that has been working to fix the problems she has with various issues with her mouth.

It has been confirmed that her dentist in Tennessee, Dr. XXXXX has lied and has used the system to fraud patients out of money and dental procedures that did not need to be done.

We took action, however, the law was not on our side. We are saving and needing around $50,000 to fix the damage done to us.

We are happy! We are excited about life and know that good things happen to those who do what's right. If you do not want to purchase anything from Tiffany, but would like to help out with the cause, please donate anything!

Thank you for your consideration!

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You can confirm were Tiffany is being treated (not sure they will give out too much information). But tell them you are donating and just wanted to confirm she was being treated at this dentist. (they know everything that has been going on legally etc..)

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